Sewer/Drainage Replacement & Repair

When your drains or moving slow and things are backing up, it’s time to call BMC. We have over 20 years of experience and are fully insured, making us the best choice for your sewer repair or replacement. Start your free quote today — call 519-919-0101

The main sewer line in your home or business is vastly important. If it becomes severely clogged, has a bulge, or tree roots, a partial collapse, is misaligned, or is at the wrong grade it can break.

Sewer repair may involve digging up old lines, but it can also involve smaller repairs that are far less destructive. We always chose the least invasive and most cost effective solution. Speak with one of our experts today! Whether you notice your sewer line leaking slightly or suspect a larger issue, don’t wait to call. Remember, a little preventative maintenance goes a long way.

A major blockage is completely removed, and a new section is put in place along the new, leveled trench

Worried about permits and covering expensive location costs? With BMC you get hassle-free permits and locates included!